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Learn More About the G Defense System

The One-Stop Online Resource to Teach, Install, Execute, and Win for any Football Team.

The Proven G Defense Pressure System has Revolutionized Football Teams Helping Teams Win Season and Playoff Games.


"The G Defense was great for us.  We finished the year as the top rush defense in the county (22 schools).  We led the county, which has much larger schools than us and many private schools in rush yards per game and yards per carry!  Great year for us."

Justin Mellor, Defensive Coordinator, Haverford HS, PA



Check out Coach Fox's introduction video to the right and see why this program could work for you and how he'll help you WIN!


What is the G-Defense System? 


Exclusive website where each play and drill is on video and coached through by Coach Pat Fox

Hundreds of hours of content from PowerPoint presentations with embedded video, to the voice-over video clips, to the webinars and drill/play cut-ups

Thirteen Defensive Packages with presentations, drill and play video, and webinars along with the Basement Clinic video sessions, and additional resources...all at your fingertips!

Every coach on your high school and middle school staff receives their own username and password and can access the resources 24/7 at their convenience

Year-Round Consulting via Phone, Conference Calls, and Webinars

Coach Pat Fox is constantly adding new football content and you can access it immediately


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The Technology Advantage of the G Defense System

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Every webinar is recorded and kept on the website


Every drill and scheme is taught on video and presented in the webinars so you can teach your players the defense, straight from the computer


Every individual stance and technique is taught in the presentations with video and in webinars

Coach Fox shows off some of his drills in this presentation.




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The Bottom Line


You and your staff will have an entire video and PowerPoint playbook along with drill tape available 24/7 that you can access from any computer any time.


There is no need for you and your staff to spend thousands of dollars to attend special seminars or wait for dvds to show up!


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The Championship Systems Coaching Package

Coaching Package - includes full memberships of all high school and middle school coaches in the high school football program

  • Video Playbooks of the G Defensive System on the website (each scheme taught in sequence with embedded video presentations, live action drill video, and play video)
  • Entire Base G Defensive System on the website including all adjustments (continually adding content, regularly to the site)
  • PowerPoint Playbook
  • Growing Webinar Library
  • Specific starter system presentation packages with embedded drill and play video for first year head coaches
  • Regular live interactive webinars and conference calls in-season to help you game plan and prepare for your next week's opponents
  • Year-round consulting via webinars and conference calls
  • Year-round assistance with film analysis
  • Exclusive website Q&A forum for members
  • Each coach on your staff gets their own personal username and password
  • Downloading and printing of playbook/manuals available
  • Help with spring, summer, and fall installation of the defense

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